Rasti si i Floyd

Polici i vë këmbën në qafë protestuesit, reagon kolegu i tij dhe ia heq VIDEO

Një video ka treguar momentin kur policët kanë kapur disa protestues në SHBA të cilët po plaçkitnin dyqane.

Fotoreporteri Matt Mills filmoi momentin kur një polic i vë gjurin në qafë një prej protestuesve.

Kur turma filloi të bërtiste për këtë gjest, kolegu i tij oficer i heq këmbën nga qafa dhe ja zhvendos mbi shpinë.

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Last night around 10pm in Seattle looters had entered a T-Mobile store in downtown Seattle. When Seattle Police Department officers arrived the group attempted to escape without being captured. In this video, one officer decided to use a knee-on-neck tactic with the first looter he captured, and then diverted to use it again on yet another when the person tried to make a run for it. It was only when the crowd started screaming at the officers to stop that his colleague then moved the officer’s knee off his neck and onto his back before they carried him off to arrest. // More scenes from yesterday’s protest coming later today here. Follow more of our coverage about yesterday’s protests and other stories about the Pacific Northwest on @crosscut

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